The Time Machine 2002 how to build?

The Time Machine 2002 how to build?
This machine was a dream for me, a hobby and a challenge, created a moving model, also I build in 2002. Many people ask me, how to build a time machine.
At this point, I come in trouble. Unfortunately, my old PC doesn’t work properly in the past, and some pictures of the constructing-phase are lost forever. I never believe, everybody needs the blueprints from a time machine. You can’t build from a plan only, there are many improvises inside. Rotary tooth-wheels, Chronometric, there are still some serious problems to solve. The exact-ness is at 0.03 mm. The complete model is built by more ore less than 2500 different parts. Sorry, this is all.
I want to give my compliments to all the fans that invest a lot of time and money to realize their dreams.
Thank’s for your interest.
Music by: The Time Machine – Klaus Badelt

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